Philadelphia PA, Fall 2018 - An assortment of portraits amassed on an artificial interface. With 2 months spent interning at Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners, copious amounts of photographs were taken to document the experience. All of the images compiled below were captured with the Nishika N9000 3-D film camera. Due to the finicky nature of this device, many photographs didn’t develop properly. These are the frames that survived.


Trains - Public transportation comes naturally for some... Others not so much.

Don't Take the Stairs - Who knew escalators were so sharp? I found that out the hard way.

On the Way Up - The key is to yawn the entire ride up to the 24th floor so you don't have to keep popping your ears.

Step 1 - Fueling up on creative vitality. Nothing seems to get done until that liquid energy is consumed.

Intern Alley - Tucked away behind the corner of 12th & Market -not really- is where all the magic happens.

EXPERIENCE - Cande & DD getting the Gnitty Gritty work done. It'll pay off one day.

Master Craftswomen - Marina could art direct a black screen to win an Addy. Meanwhile, Elaine has all the tools to get the job done.

Master Craftswomen Pt II - Hannah's clearly got the brightest future in the building, and Dena seems to like what she sees.

You Get the Drill - Niall just might end up being your favorite jawn to work with. He's also got a whole book of Niallisms.

On the Streets - Avoid eye contact and just keep walking. In a perpetually busy world, there's no time to stop and smell the subways.

On the Roof - Some days could have you ready to jump, but most of the time you're feeling on top of the world.

On the Edge - Deadlines were sneaking up. We still kept our cool.

In the Red - Philly can be characterized as Red. It's filled with intense energy waiting for deft, passionate individuals to unearth its hidden gems.